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The Experience


Unique and delicious,
but you already know that.



Now with 2 locations open, and more on the way!


The Soda Shop puts a unique twist on your favorite fountain drinks. Whether you are a Big Daddy (Dr. Pepper, Raspberry, Coconut Cream) or a Big Booty Judy (Coke, Vanilla, Raspberry, Fresh Lime) we have a drink with your name on it!

Seriously.. can't go wrong here!

Mikala R.

I visit frequently and I am never disappointed in the service or the product. They are huge supporters of small, local businesses which makes me love them even more! I've cashed in my stamp card twice now for my freebies.

Hidden Gem For Tasty Treats - Worth The Visit For Sure!

Vladmir T.

The Double chocolate frosted cookie was actually rather extraordinary! I was surprised by the actual greatness of flavor and freshness! The staff all seemed friendly, especially the girl who took our order. She seemed happy and nice. They have some leather couches for hanging out and relaxing on, also some tables to sit at.

This is my favorite soda place!

Larissa R.

My vanilla cream Coke is perfectly flavored, and doesn't taste like a full cup of vanilla syrup was haphazardly dumped in it. Their teenage staff is pleasant and happy, and they always get my order right. Their punch cards are the bomb! My teen kids all love it here, too. It is a win-win for all of us when we are looking for a quick treat.